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Reading more each year and apart from other reads on the start of 2024 I found Harvard Classics - great way to enchance liberal education level

Harvard Classics

Harvard Classics on Wikipedia

- Reading Gude: February (yep, started daily reading's just in April :))

- Current Read: Phaedo by Plato (Volume II)

Other reads

- Quantum Computing and Information

- Deep Down Things: The Breathtaking Beauty of Particle Physics

- And others



- English (actually practicing it every day, even consider myself as a bilingual, but not yet have a real life each day speaking experience)

- Polish (regular lessons with tutor, required for future studies)

- German (just for fun, learning it by myself, unknown actual level)

Contact me if you are willing to practice (German is especially welcome)


- Physics

- Math (Calculus, Topology, ...)

- Quantum computing and other

- UNIX and smolweb enjoyer

- Coding (future CS student :)